IMG_4688_trimBumble Bee climbingIMG_1469IMG_1475_2IMG_1484IMG_1488Imitating the eyes of a much bigger creature.Busy with the Oregano flower.Honey BeeIn the Oregano flowersIt's alive, - but on the outside of the window.Ready for work.Work done...Dressed in BlackMini snail on a Fig. This is called "Ambitions"Just to get an idea of sizeIn the morning dewSmaller than a LadybirdSlave WorkerImpressing red colorIMG_1479_trimIMG_4727IMG_1491_trimIMG_4753_trimIMG_1496_trimIMG_1501_trim_2IMG_1505_trim_2IMG_1508IMG_1513_trimIMG_4699IMG_4722IMG_4742_trimIMG_4890IMG_4733Psycedelic environmentIMG_4799IMG_4766_trim_bIMG_4908Dragonfly caught during flight.
A very fast auto focus and a fast time value is essential :-) Damn, it's fast....IMG_8920_trimIMG_8935_trimIMG_8927A spiders web, containing hundreds of flies. Taken with the sundown as background. IMG_9308_bicolIMG_9335IMG_5141_trimIMG_5909_1Moscito looking at itself in a mirrorBlåfuglBlåfugl (2)Det hvide CIMG_9411PragtvandnymfeBlåfugl (3)IMG_7585RandøjeRandøje (2)