Macro of A tiny little flower on a Lilly.Snow on plowed fieldChurch windowPile of logsA very small flower, seen from above.Sand on the BeachMare straw Rosehip on a sandy BeachSnow on the beachStone surfaceStone surface (2)Shotters on an abandoned summerhouseThe WallOrange cut in halfOld Oak woodPumpkins for decoration only- called "Cobling Eggs"Pumpkins (2)Large pumpkinPumpkin seen from the topPumpkin (2)Pumpkin (3)DuckweedFernsFlower of ArtichokeAshSage with morning frostClouds like feathers in the SkyMushroomsNew shot from Umbrella treeSnowdropsThe facade of an office buildingStraw bales from the harvestA Deer on the top of a hilly stubble.Lichen , - Raindeer love it.Fungus on a LogStraws in a water hole.Clouds on a blue skyA Sun Flower close up